6 Best Nasi Lemak in Kuala Lumpur

Nasi Lemak – the NUMBER ONE food that top all the charts in Malaysia. Known as our favourite national dish, Nasi Lemak is the pride of our nation and the food that brings all of us all together.

We can find it at almost every nook and corner of Malaysia, but there’re some Nasi Lemak that are just ambrosial and nationally acclaimed. So, brace yourself! Here are the 6 best Nasi Lemak in Kuala Lumpur.

1. Nasi Lemak Jalan Alor

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Looking for an array of dishes to go with your Nasi Lemak? Look no further, the Jalan Alor Nasi Lemak is sure to tickle your fancy.The stall by the front of Golden Tourworld Travels, right at the top of the food haven, Jalan Alor, has it all.

From tender beef rendang to a plethora of choices such as paru (lungs), sambal kerang (cockles), terung (eggplant), bergedil (plain potatoes patty), fried chicken, curry chicken and chicken rendang.

Apart from that, they also offer many varieties such as fried bee-hoon, fried noodles and a delicious selection of Malay Kuih-muih.

Price: RM4-15



2. Village Park Nasi Lemak

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The best-selling Nasi Lemak has to be the one at Village Park. It is known to be consistently good and never compromises its delicious quality of food and speedy services.

Voted Best Ayam Goreng in the TIME OUT KL Food Awards 2014 and Blogger’s Choice in 2011, Village Park Nasi Lemak has definitely created a name for its own.

Their sambal zests up the flavour and compliments the steamy coconut rice well. Along with the award-winning fried chicken, this is the best deal in town. They offer some other luscious local cuisine as well such as Lontong and Assam Laksa.

Price: RM4-15



3.“The Malaysian” by Eat X Dignity

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Ever thought that enjoying a warm plate of Nasi Lemak could contribute back to society? “The Malaysian” gives you that opportunity. Served by a local social enterprise known as Dignity at the heart of Sentul, this Nasi Lemak by Eat X Dignity is definitely tantalizing.

The fried sambal is out of this world, mixed a tiny bit of it with the coconut infused rice, this exquisite bitter-sweet sambal, finely ground is a taste you’ll never forget. “The Malaysian” also comes with a big piece of fried chicken – whichever part you desire –sprinkled with some curry powder. This juicy fried chicken is highly crispy on the outside and guarantees to satisfy.

It also comes with garnishes such as half a hard-boiled egg, cucumbers, and not forgetting your fried anchovies and peanuts.

Price: RM14



4. Nasi Lemak Peel Road (Non-halal)

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Located at the ever-bustling food stalls of Peel Road is the up and rising famous Nasi Lemak Peel Road. Customer’s favourites are the wild boar curry, the crispy and scrumptious fried chicken, and the sambal sotong (cuttlefish in chili).

Never underestimate its flavourful mix of side dishes such as the stir-fried cabbages and the finely chopped long beans which pairs well with the mouth-watering curry potatoes and fried egg dashed with some light soy sauce.

They also have the legendary luncheon meat fried to perfection. Due to its popularity, they now have an air-conditioned space for their patrons, serving special drinks like umbra with sour plum.

Price: RM8-16



5. Madam Kwan Nasi Lemak

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As one of the all-time favourite dishes in Madam Kwan, its plate of Nasi Lemak offers great palatable delights from all its various condiments and sides.

The rich and creamy fluffy aromatic coconut steamed rice is served with chicken curry, piquant sambal ikan bilis (sweet and spicy anchovies paste), hard-boiled egg, acar and fresh cucumber slices.

Their special topping – the Dried Shrimp Floss, creates a taste like no other when the condiments and sides are chewed together. Not to mention, the chicken curry is robust with flavours as Madam Kwan blends the spices herself. We see that the price is well above market price but it’s definitely worth a try.

Price: RM21.90



6. Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa

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Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa has got to be one of the longest-standing great Nasi Lemak in town. Opened since 1973, Puan Normi Tandoh, its founder has since then never stopped expanding her newfound cocounut rice business.

The menu selection ranges from meaty sides to seafood ones, such as the ever famous ayam berempah, chicken rendang, ayam masak merah, beef rendang and paru goreng (fried lungs) to cockles, cuttlefish and prawns cooked in delicious sambal paste.

Price: RM4-12

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