Guides To Redeem Travel Credit & Voucher Code

1. Before redeem your travel credit, YOU MUST have a VH Membership account by clicking ‘Create An Account’ located at the top-right of your screen at our VH Reservation Portal.. (Skip step 1 if you already have a VH Membership account)

2. Click ‘Login’ button to login into your VH Membership account located at top-right of the screen at our VH Reservation Portal.

3. Your active balance will be displayed on the top-right of the screen.

4. Start the booking journey by selecting our properties and stay dates. You can refer this link for step-by-step to make reservation in our VH Reservation Portal: Guides To Reserve A Homestay

5. Before complete your reservation at the booking summary, scroll down until the ‘Room Rate’ segment. Click ‘Apply’ in red color text to use your travel credit and/or to redeem your Promo Code.

6. A Travel Credit/Promo Code pop-up will appear. Then, enter the desired amount of your travel credits and/or promo code provided in the blank provided and click ‘Apply’ to redeem. The payment amount will be deduct based on the amount entered and/or promo amount and you just need to pay for balance amount.

7. Finally, you can proceed making payment using our provided payment getaway methods.

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