Our Services

Property Caretaking & Management

Interior Design & Renovation

Provides friendly interior design consult and using high-quality renovation materials to design your own unique space.

Interior Design Partner

Layout Consultation & Market Research

Our experienced team will maximize your monthly return based on market research and your property layout.

Smart Price Optimization

Our proprietary pricing algorithm optimizes selling price for different period to maximize occupancy rate professional to set price for different period room price selling.

State of The Art Security

We implement smart door locks for convenience yet secured apartment access.

Property Caretaking

Ensuring your apartment is in good condition by performing periodic deep cleaning & repairs.

Admin Caretaking

Enjoy ease of mind as we settle your routine bills such as electric, water and assessment fees.

Routine Property Audit

Owners will be updated on their properties’ interior & exterior condition

Finance Reporting

simple financial statements and auditing reports

Operations Management

Guest Staying Guide

Informing guests with details regardinig their bookings while guiding them with the lodging procedures and towards their rooms. It also includes informing them the facilities available and the experiences that could be earn while staying in KL.

24/7 Support Center

We strive to solve any issues encountered by our guests during their stay. Our multilingual customer service agents will provide prompt reply around the clock.

Hassle-Free Experience

Beneficial services such as airport transfers, city tours and guides, WiFi broadband rental and even decorations for special events with reasonable costs to cater guests needs.

Housekeeping & Amenities

We run our own housekeeping team to ensure the units maintain the highest possible cleanliness standards. Living utensils are also provided such as basic kitchen utensils, toiletries, towels and a hair-dryer.

Marketing Planning and Strategy

Professional Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our in-house photography will capture the best photo of your apartment to be used to promote your listings.

Marketing & Advertising

We have established various marketing channels such as social media and OTAs to increase exposure to your property listings.

Booking Platform Listings

With our established marketing channels such as social media and OTAs, your property listings will gather more exposure.

Synchronized Booking Calendar 

+With real-time updates on all the booking platforms, your listing inventory won’t have issues with overbooking.