Hot Pot Package (Weekday: Monday - Thursday)

RM 348.00RM 788.00

Enjoy Hotpot at Victoria Home Arte Plus with your buddies & families,

  • Price start from only RM348. (included accommodation)
  • Suitable for Small Party & Gathering.
  • Free Room Upgrade (Subject to availability)
  • Only available at Victoria Home Arte Plus.
  • Extra surcharges apply for special holiday.
  • Non-Halal

Hotpot Da Long Yi Hotpot 大龙燚火锅 is a renowned Szechuan Spicy Hot Pot brand originated from Chengdu, China. Started in 2013, over a span of 6 years, became one of the market leaders in the Hot Pot Market specialising in providing with the authentic Chinese Szechuan flavours that are both spicy and flavourful, especially with ‘Ma La’ soup base. Hotpot Da Long Yi Hotpot 大龙燚火锅 are strongly emphasizing on maintaining the authenticity of Szechuan cuisine’s spicy yet flavourful flavours.

Soup Bases

Mala Spicy Butter Soup Base


Tomato Soup Base


Mushroom Soup Base